Insurance Claims for Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

How to understand your insurance coverage

How we work with your insurance company on auto glass repairs

East Orange Auto Glass will work with your insurance company on any no-fault insurance claims for damaged glass.

  • We contact your insurance company
  • Check your coverage and deductible
  • Communicate details with you
  • Invoice your insurance company

Your responsibility with insurance coverage

When you have appropriate insurance on your vehicle the only payment you will be responsible for is the deductible.

Depending on your insurance, a small repair may not even require a deductible. We can confirm that with your insurance company.

Obviously if you have a small crack it is best to get that fixed right away or you risk the crack spreading requiring a full window replacement. 

We can often have you back on the road in an hour or two.

Inaurance Claims for Autoglass Repairs

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