East Orange Commercial Auto Glass Repair & Replacement

Affordable Door Glass and Side Glass Repair for Trucks & Fleets

Delivery trucks & tractor trailer trucks

When damage happens to your delivery truck or big rig, it can be a showstopper until a repair is made.

Accidents happen from road debris, bashed mirrors and collisions. Your truck may be fine but if the windshield or auto glass is broken, it can be dangerous and become susceptible to theft.

Our expert service is East Orange can repair delivery trucks and semi trucks fast and affordably. We have the equipment and skill to do it properly.

Bus & shuttle vans

A broken windshield or side glass on a bus or shuttle van can put it out of service putting a strain on your scheduling.

Our team is committed to getting your service vehicles back on the road quickly. We are equipped to service fleets of vehicles and can stock replacement parts so your drivers can get back to their routes right away.


Motorhomes and RVs offer owners a chance to get away from a hectic lifestyle to explore and relax. When a windshield or one of the many glass components that let you see the countryside is damaged, it needs to get repaired properly and quickly.

We use high-quality OEM windows, gaskets and moldings that produce a factory-tight seal in no time.

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Construction Equipment

Truck Glass Repairs - East Orange Auto Glass
Construction Equipment Glass Repair - East Orange Auto Glass

Construction Services

EO Auto Glass services all types of construction equipment. We’ll help you get your projects back on track quickly.  Our team helps with:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Service and Utility Trucks
  • Rental Car Fleets
  • Semi-Trucks

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