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Side View Mirror Damage is Common

Car mirrors are vulnerable to various types of damage from backing out of a garage, pulling too close to a building or another vehicle and even pedestrian encounters.

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Common Types of Mirror Damage

Understanding the specific issue is crucial for effective repair. Here are some common types of mirror damage that we repair for vehicle owners throughout northern New Jersey.

Cracked or Shattered Glass - This is one of the most visible and hazardous mirror issues. It occurs due to impacts from debris, accidents, or vandalism.

Scratched or Pitted Glass - Surface scratches, pits, or small nicks can reduce the effectiveness of the mirror, affecting the driver's visibility.

Loose or Wobbly Mirror - A mirror that vibrates excessively while driving can make it challenging to see clearly.

Damaged Mirror Housing - The housing or frame that holds the mirror can become cracked, broken, or detached, making it unstable or non-functional.

Foggy or Discolored Mirror Glass - Over time, mirrors can develop a foggy or discolored appearance, reducing visibility.

Electrical Mirror Issues - Power mirrors with electrical adjustments may encounter issues such as malfunctioning motors or electrical wiring problems.

Blind Spot Mirror Damage - Many modern cars have blind spots on their side mirrors, which can cause further damage.

Mirror Glass Dislodged - The mirror glass can become dislodged from its frame, making it unusable.

Mirror Cover Damage - The cover or casing of the mirror can get damaged, affecting the mirror's aesthetics.

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