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Affordable Car Windshield Replacement

Types of auto glass we replace

An accident can impact any window or glass on your vehicle. Large cracks on a windshield may be obvious but occasionally an issue can occur to autoglass in other areas that are more out of sight. Even though a crack may be small, it still may require a complete replacement.

It is always a good idea to inspect these windows regularly and if you spot an issue, bring it in a let us have a look.

  • Windshields
  • Back Glass
  • Quarter Glass
  • Moonroof or Sunroof
  • Side view mirrors
  • Trucks, campers and construction equipment

We replace auto glass for all makes and model vehicles as well as commercial truck fleets.

How windshields get damaged

The pros at East Orange Autoglass have heard a lot of stories about how a vehicle’s window got broken. We’ve pretty much heard it all! While each story is a bit different, there is a common theme in how a windshield or other autoglass got damaged.

  • Debris on the highway can often strike a vehicle windshield and make destroyed glass
  • Crack spreads beyond point of repair
  • Vandalism or car accident

We service a lot of cars, trucks and commercial vehicles so you can feel confident that regardless of how your autoglass was damaged, our team will make the repair properly.

Auto Glass Replacement Service Cost Factors

There are several factors that go into the cost of replacing damaged auto glass.

  1. Your vehicle’s year, make, and model
  2. Which window is damaged
  3. The extent of the damage (in some cases a repair may be more cost effective)
  4. The damage location on your car glass
  5. Your insurance coverage

While the cost to replace your autoglass may vary widely, you can trust that we’ll look for the least expensive option for you. Our service rates are competitive but our skill and experience can never be beat. Plus, since we can store many types of glass in our warehouse, it can help us to keep prices stable so you won’t get it cheaper elsewhere.

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