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Affordable Car Windshield Repair of Chips, Cracks and Glazing

Repairing chips, cracks and nicks

Damage usually occurs from stones or pebbles that kick up from other vehicles. Occasional road debris, trash or tree branches can fall on car’s glass causing a chip, crack or nick.

When damage to your autoglass is minor, making a repair is often an option. It will depend on the size and location of the crack or damage. The intent is to make window functional without full replacement. Of course it is important to keep in mind, sometimes your autoglass is not repairable and replacement is the only option.

Types of Damage We Repair

Fixing a small chip now can save you from replacing the entire windshield later. Minor autoglass damage can typically be filled making it nearly invisible and stopping it from becoming a bigger issue. Common issues that can be repaired include:

  • Chips
  • Bullseye
  • Stars
  • Combination

How to judge if damaged auto glass can be repaired

As a guideline, auto glass damage that meets these criteria can often be repaired:

  1. The crack is shorter than the length of a dollar bill
  2. The damage is not in the driver’s line of sight
  3. The crack or chip does not go all the way through the glass
  4. The crack does not extend to the outside edge of the windshield.

The Cost of Auto Glass Repair in Essex County

The cost of repairing cracked or chipped autoglass on your vehicle is usually inexpensive compared to a full window replacement. This applies to cars, trucks and even commercial vehicles which can be more at risk for a crack or chip.

A lot of window glass damage repairs are covered by insurance. Typically there is a deductable but depending on the repairs needed, it can save you some money. We’ll work with your insurance company to help collect any amount you are owed.

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